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mộc (Talia)
username: caftureurfeline

It's me, hiii, I'm the problem, it's me! ✨ Hello, I'm mộc, a Vietnamese young author! You can call me Talia./Xin chào, mình là mộc, một tác giả trẻ đến từ Việt Nam. Các bạn có thể gọi mình là Talia ✨ This is a ✨lovely✨ message from me to all of you 💝 Have a good time and thank you for choosing my story! It means a lot to me, thank you for being my little happiness in this difficult life ✨💛 I've read all of your comments and reviews, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! 💛 And... Hey, wait for me, have a good day! yours, Talia.